Senior Acting Play: Stupid F@&king Bird

Sort of adapted from ‘The Seagull’ by Anton Chekhov, Stupid F@&king Bird is written by American playwright Aaron Posner and is a meta-theatrical reimagining of the classic play but contains the same intensity, tragedy, humour, and thought-provoking content for which Chekhov is known. The play follows the life of Con, a struggling playwright who is desperately trying to write a ground-breaking new play and impress his celebrity actress mother and her lover, who is annoyingly a very successful writer. Unrequited love, the evolution of theatre, and the relatable human quest for purpose and identity are the central themes. The play spans many years as the characters evolve in the house by the lake.  

“New forms of theatre that can actually make you feel like living better or fuller or or or… MORE. New forms that open up new possibilities, new ways of being in the world. We need bigger hearts! We need wider minds and better ideas and we need them now.”

Stupid F@&king Bird has a running time of approximately 2 hours including one 15-minute intermission. Patrons are warned that Stupid F@&king Bird contains Course Language, Adult Themes of Suicidal Ideation, and Simulated Alcohol Use, and is not suitable for audiences under 13 years of age. Patrons should note that the age requirement to attend this performance will be strictly enforced.