The Struggle for Rights & Freedoms Exhibition – 1945 to the present

In celebration of NAIDOC week 2020, we are excited to share an online showcase* of the recent Year 10 History Rights and Freedoms exhibition. Over the course of Term 3, Year 10 History students worked tirelessly to form galleries examining the struggle for Indigenous rights and freedoms from 1945 to the present as part of an HSIE Project Based Learning initiative led by Mr Chris O’Connell.

Students worked to develop gallery panels that explored the unjust treatment of Indigenous peoples in Australia across the 20th Century, the intersection of the Australian civil rights movement that of the USA, and the key personalities and watershed moments that have been seminal in the move toward reconciliation and self-determination.

The exhibition was designed to provide the College with a multi-use reflective space to engage students and staff in thinking deeply about their own role in the story of reconciliation. Alongside the library of Indigenous authors and content, curated by our College librarian, staff and students were encouraged to attach a hand with the message of ‘Sorry’ to the Indigenous flag wall. The space was also creatively designed to allow classes to engage in Indigenous pedagogical frameworks allowing teacher to utilise the space for circle learning, story sharing, learning through narrative and learning maps.

As we all reflect this NAIDOC week, we remember that this land always was, and always will be that of the First Nations people, who have been the spiritual and cultural custodians of this land for over 65,000 years.

(*Please note that this is only a sample of the works in the exhibition due to the cultural sensitivity of some of the artworks. This clip contains images of deceased Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples).


The Struggle for Rights & Freedoms - 1945 to the present (trailer)