Years 7 – 10

The McDonald College is the perfect place for secondary students to prepare for their HSC and beyond. Whether that means tertiary education, vocational training or entering immediately into their industry of choice.

We take a holistic approach to students’ education by building on the academic, creative, physical, and social aspects of their development.

The range of performance streams and opportunities that we offer coupled with a strong emphasis on academic outcomes equates to a well-rounded education.

What you can expect

From Years 7 – 10, there is a greater level of personal responsibility expected of students.

Our teaching and learning process becomes more collaborative. We foster an environment of critical enquiry and resourceful problem-solving.

Students are encouraged to utilise the skills they are building as performers – whether that’s on a court or on a stage – and bring these skills to the classroom. Skills such as discipline, focus, and teamwork.

Our experienced and dedicated staff ensure that each student has the support they need to optimise their own performance academically and in their performance stream of choice.

Our aim is to provide a structured transition to the HSC years in a supportive and nurturing environment, where each student will flourish.


  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Commerce (Years 9 – 10)
  • Technology
  • Geography
  • History
  • French (Year 10)
  • Music
  • Visual Art
  • Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE)

Performing arts

Students in Years 7 – 10 participate in 2 hours of performance training per day

At the beginning of each year, they nominate one of the following streams as their core study area:

  • Acting
  • Classical Ballet
  • Dance
  • Music
  • Musical Theatre
  • Technical Production
  • Elite Tennis
  • Rhythmic Gymnastics.


Additionally, each week all students have an Elective day.

Performing arts students have the choice of

  • maintaining their core study area on this day, or
  • choosing a second performing arts stream to pursue on this day.

Performance sports students use their Elective day for further training.

Variations to individual performance timetables may be negotiated in exceptional circumstances.

Performance lessons are conducted in mixed year groupings

  • Years 7 – 9 in one group and
  • Year 10 students are grouped with Years 11 – 12.

Performance sports

Elite Tennis

Working in partnership with Voyager Tennis Academy, this integrated program allows students to engage in daily training in tennis at the highest level, alongside their pursuit of academic excellence.

The program is designed for students who are already demonstrating a strong level of play.

  • Students participate in 2 hours minimum training per day
  • Training sessions are conveniently based at Sydney Olympic Park, less than 10 minutes from the College and students are transported by the  private Voyager shuttle.

Rhythmic Gymnastics

Working in partnership with Synergy Gymnastics Academy, this integrated program allows students to engage in daily training in rhythmic gymnastics at the highest level, alongside their pursuit of academic excellence.

This program is suited to those who are already performing at an elite level in rhythmic gymnastics.

Students participate in 2 hours for performance training per day.

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