Alum | Wesley Dean

Wesley Dean is today an accomplished Australian musician who first gained significant recognition as the winner of Australian Idol in 2008. After leaving our school halls and music studio in 1999, his early career was marked by immediate success with his debut single “You,” which topped charts in Australia and went Gold, along with his follow-up single “Feels Like Woah.” These tracks were part of his 2009 album “The Way the World Looks,” which also achieved Gold status and peaked at number two on the charts​ (Country Rebel – Unapologetically Country)​​.

Dean’s musical journey has been characterized by a blend of various genres and a constant evolution of his artistic identity. Initially known for his pop and rock influences, he later explored different musical avenues, including performing under the alias Buffalo Tales and collaborating with DJs in electronic dance music​​. This experimentation helped Dean develop a versatile and powerful voice, influenced by a wide range of artists from Michael Jackson to Bob Dylan​ (Entertainment Focus)​.

In 2021, Dean and his family moved to Nashville, Tennessee, seeking a fresh start and new creative opportunities. This relocation reinvigorated his musical career, leading to the creation of his latest album, “unknown.” The album, which features a mix of Americana and modern roots music, reflects themes of new beginnings, departures, and personal growth, inspired by his move from Australia to the United States.

Dean’s return to his roots and focus on authentic storytelling have marked a significant chapter in his career. He continues to draw inspiration from his experiences and the diverse musical landscape of Nashville, collaborating with local musicians and engineers to produce music that resonates deeply with his personal journey​.

For more information about Wesley Dean and his music, you can visit his official website at​ (Wesley Dean)​.