Senior music

We started the term with the Secondary School Instrumental and Vocal competitions which enabled all students from any stream to participate in some friendly, yet healthy competition! It was great to see so many students put their hand up for the opportunity and our congratulations go to you all.

The winners for each competition were:

  • Junior Instrumental: Danniel Zhou
  • Senior Instrumental: Anna Kim
  • Junior Vocal: Malia Fonua
  • Senior Vocal: Zoe Allsop Lander

Everyone performed to a very high standard, and we hope to see more and more students taking up the challenge next year.

We were once again able to join forces with our good friends at Vizio Cafè e Cuccina to present two evenings of Happy Hour Live Entertainment with the Junior and Senior music students. These evenings are proving an enormous success and so enjoyable for both the students and their families. We are grateful to the team at Vizio for enabling this opportunity and to the amazing music staff team who prepare the students so well for these occasions.

Our congratulations go to Sophia Hawley who was named in the top 10 finalists for the Singer/Songwriters competition – Speak Up!

For Industry Day, we invited Mr David McLeod to spend the day with the students. David is a contemporary singer in his own right; and a teacher and mentor of young people who are looking to join the industry. He shared with us his extensive knowledge around performance anxiety. He gave us strategies for prevention; and solutions for dealing with issues surrounding performance and the human body.

We rounded out the end out this term with two Music Showcases this week. The Junior Music Stream Showcase The Swingin’ 60s was a lot of fun with so many memorable tunes. The Senior Music Showcase was called Around the world and we saw our students exploring the music of their heritage. So much diversity and so much entertainment.