School entrepreneurs featured on Your Money

Financial wellbeing TV channel Your Money recently interviewed Alessandra (Year 11) about her social enterprises and their impact, including Freedom Scrub, whose proceeds go towards the rehabilitation of women rescued from human trafficking in Australia

She also discussed her new project, The Unlearn Project, which is about educating today’s young people about business and entrepreneurship through social impact.

“We’re more driven to make an impact and do what we can because our voices are being heard more than ever…whether it’s natural disasters, economical issues – such as the ones we’re having in Australia with the drought – or whether it’s human trafficking and slavery, there’s so many world issues that young people have their eyes open to.”

The inspiring segment also featured 10-year-old Jack Berne, who started the Fiver for a Farmer campaign, which resulted in raising over $1million for drought-stricken farmers.

You can watch the full interview below, which has been shared with permission from Your Money and the Entrepreneur Series, Jack Delosa (Your Money host) and A Fiver for a Farmer.


Your Money Video Clip