Junior School Incursion ­– pain and the brain

Towards the end of Term 2, our Juniors were visited by fabulous children’s author, Dr. Joshua Pate, a senior lecturer from the University of Technology, who spoke and shared the philosophy of his books, ‘Zoe and Zac’s Pain Hacks’. 

As a part of the health and well-being program, K – 6 have been learning about the brain, and in particular, why we experience pain, as well as how the brain processes and perceives it.  We read some of Dr. Pate’s books as part of the program and the children made brain models, produced plays, movies and PowerPoint presentations on pain and the brain. It was wonderful to have Dr. Pate visit the school and share some magic tricks, which stumped the teachers themselves, and some fascinating facts about the brain and how and why we all experience pain differently. There is a chance he may have encouraged some students to become authors and scientists as well.