Boarding news and puppies

At the start of the year, the boarders returned to find a surprise: puppies. Not one, but two Cavoodle puppies. If you are unfamiliar with the breed – they are an adorable cross between a King Charles Cavalier and a Poodle. Their names are Kosi – short for Kosciusko and Jindii – for Jindabyne.

Mrs Rogers moved here from Canberra, and the mountains were always one of her favourite places. The puppies bring a lot of joy and comfort when cuddles are needed, and their most exciting time of the day is when the kids come back into the house from a long day at school.

We also welcomed new boarders to the house. It is always a lovely time watching new friendships develop.

Some of our Tennis boarders travelled to a tournament in Canberra. They all played incredibly well, and Rory Carlyle made it into the Men’s Final but was only just defeated in the last set.

Henry Burgess, in the Ballet Stream, has had a fantastic start to the year. His first weeks of the term, while everyone else returned to school, were spent in Switzerland competing at the Prix de Lausanne.

Not long after returning from Switzerland, he flew to England, where he successfully auditioned for a place at The Royal Ballet School. Henry will start studying and training full-time in September.

For the Prefects’ Concert, some Year 12 students choreographed a routine for the boarders. This year both boarders and staff were in the routine, and everyone had a great time performing on the stage together – the puppies even made an appearance. We also had fun baking honey jumbles and Hooray for Hollywood cupcakes which we donated to the bake stall.

Twelve boarders are heading to the United States on a school trip in the April holidays. Boarders from Music, Acting and Musical Theatre will be visiting New York and Los Angeles to experience the magic of Broadway and visit Disneyland. They are very excited.