Ballet Examinations

Ballet Examinations

Photo: Daniel Boud

The McDonald College After Hours Program follows the renowned Royal Academy of Dance (R.A.D) syllabus for all our Classical Ballet based classes and examinations.  The R.A.D is one of the largest and most influential dance education and training organisations in the world and features exquisite music and beautiful new enchainments to challenge today’s ballet students.  Whilst many students commence ballet simply for enjoyment and fitness, many students go on to sit ballet examinations. 

What are the benefits of sitting a ballet examination? 

  • Having a goal to work towards
  • Attaining a higher standard of technique, musicality and performance
  • Receiving recognition from the world’s largest ballet examining body
  • Receiving a report, certificate, and medal in recognition of achievement
  • Gaining confidence and increasing enjoyment in dance

The College sits all its examinations towards the end of the year, usually in the October/November session.  In order for students to reach their personal best, there are several requirements you must meet before being considered to sit an examination: 

For Primary and Grade 1 Ballet

Must attend the week day and Saturday syllabus classes per week.

Grade 2 to Grade 8 Ballet

Must attend both syllabus classes per week along with a Saturday PBT class.   

Vocational Level Ballet (Intermediate Foundation to Advanced 2):

Must attend both syllabus classes per week, a Pointe class and a compulsory Open Class held on Saturdays (time dependant on level).  Our Stretch/Conditioning classes are not compulsory however are strongly encouraged for exam students.  Vocational Levels also have compulsory October School Holiday Workshops held at the College, so students must be available during this holiday period. 

From Term 3, all exam students are required to attend an additional Exam Coaching Class.  Students may also be required to have Private Lessons leading up to exams at the teachers discretion. 

IMPORTANT:  The final decision of exam entry is at the discretion of your childs ballet teacher and the Head of the After Hours Program. You may be required to pay your exam entry fee, coaching classes and private lessons in advance at the discretion of the Manager.  Please note that the exam entry fee, coaching classes and private lessons are all additional costs on top of term fees. 

If you would like your child to be considered for an examination at the College please first speak with Lisa Haack, Head of After Hours who will then discuss this with your child’s ballet teacher.