Eisteddfod Groups

At the beginning of each year, The McDonald College After Hours Program holds a series of auditions for students to try out to become a part of an Eisteddfod Group. The aim is to create an interesting and progressive piece of dance – not necessarily just to win.

The College policy emphasises team spirit and the need for the group to work together and thus requires strong commitment from students to attend all rehearsals and work to the best of their ability at all times. 

We are proud to announce some of our Eisteddfod Group results for 2017: 

Sydney Eisteddfod 2017
  • 1st Place Junior Jazz Dance Dynamix Group
  • 1st Place 12/U Contemporary Group
  • 1st Place 12/U Classical Group
  • 1st Place 16/U Lyrical Group
  • 2nd Place Primary Jazz Dance Dynamix
  • 2nd Place Junior Contemporary Dance Dynamix
extreme Eisteddfod 2017
  • 2nd Place 10/U Classical Group
  • 2nd Place 12/U Contemporary Group
  • 3rd Place 14/U Lyrical Group
  • HC 12/U Lyrical Group
northern beaches Eisteddfod 2017
  • 3rd Place 14/U Classical Group
  • HC to 12/U Classical Group