Eisteddfod Groups

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Photo: Daniel Boud

Every year, at the start of the academic year, The McDonald College After Hours Program conducts auditions for students aspiring to join an Eisteddfod Group. The primary goal is to collaboratively craft a captivating and innovative dance piece, placing emphasis not solely on winning but on creating an engaging performance.

The college policy places a significant emphasis on fostering team spirit and underscores the importance of cohesive group work. As such, students who audition are required to demonstrate a robust commitment to attending all rehearsals consistently and contributing their best efforts at all times. This commitment ensures a harmonious and dedicated effort from each participant, contributing to the overall success of the Eisteddfod Group’s performance.

Our groups perform at 2-3 Sydney Eisteddfods in Terms 2 and 3. They also perform at our DANCE+ Concert in September.

Check our Timetable for auditions and rehearsals schedule.