Commercial Jazz

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Commercial Jazz is a highly choreographed dance form.

Dive into the world of Commercial Jazz, a dynamic dance form that captivates with its blend of sharp and fluid movements. This style incorporates the electrifying elements of popping and locking and animated expressions reminiscent of the vibrant and energetic dances seen in commercial video clips. Our Commercial Jazz classes are a thrilling exploration into the freestyle realm, where creativity knows no bounds.

Imagine a dance style that fuses precision and fluidity, creating a visual spectacle that mirrors the excitement of professional video productions. In these classes, dancers have the opportunity to unleash their creativity and showcase their unique style while embracing the essence of Commercial Jazz.

We offer Commercial Jazz dance classes for Minis (4-7yo), Junior (7-10yo), Intermediate (11-14yo) and Senior (15-18yo) dance students. Our Timetable provides the most up-to-date class offering, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your dance journey. Whether you’re a seasoned dancer or just starting, our Commercial Jazz classes promise an exhilarating experience that combines structured choreography with the freedom of self-expression.

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