Pre-School Fun Sing & Dance

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Photo: Daniel Boud

Our Pre-School Fun Sing & Dance program introduces our youngest participants who are 3-5 years old to the joys of music, movement, rhythm, and the sheer delight of singing.

Our nurturing environment is created to encourage creativity, ensuring each little one feels secure expressing themselves through dance and song. No need for a specific uniform – just comfortable clothing that allows for free movement and a big smile!

In this playful 45-minute class, we focus on fostering a love for music and movement, helping children develop essential coordination and social skills. Whether twirling to a catchy tune or singing along with their newfound friends, each class celebrates joy, laughter, and friendship.

Fun Sing & Dance is a pre-cursor to the Musical Theatre classes. Many of our Pre-School Fun Dance and Sing participants carry their newfound love for music and dance into other programs as they grow. It’s a fantastic starting point for a lifelong appreciation of the arts. Please check our Timetable for the current class schedule.