Policies & Guidelines

Policies & Guidelines

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For more information on fee payment, cancellations, lessons, parent viewings and more, please see below. 


Payment of Fees

Fees must be paid in full within the first two weeks of the beginning of each term. Fees paid within this period will receive a 5% early payment discount. If fees have not been paid in the first two weeks of term, an invoice will be issued by the fourth week of term showing a due date for payment in full.  If fees are not paid on or before this date, a non-reversible late fee of $50.00 will be charged to your account. The McDonald College reserves the right to terminate the students enrolment and/or provide your information to a debt collection agency should fees remain unpaid. The College reserves the right to prohibit any student from participating in classes until all fees are paid in full. Classes for the term will not be refunded for any reason. Fees can be paid in person or by telephoning the Performing Arts Office.  The College accepts all credit/debit cards, cash, cheques or via direct deposit. AMEX incurs a 2% surcharge. Payment plans can be put into place for families at the discretion of the Manager.



The College allows students to participate in a make-up lesson (of the same grade) where it is available to do so. Missed classes may be made up at a maximum of twice per term.  It is your responsibility to inform the teacher of the intent to participate in a makeup lesson. Classes will not be refunded for any reason other than teachers absence if we are unable to provide a relief teacher.



The College follows the Royal Academy of Dance Classical Ballet syllabus for all our ballet classes from Primary to Advanced 2. To be eligible for exam consideration, the College requires students to participate in two syllabus classes per week from Primary to Advanced 2 from the beginning of the year. Students from Intermediate Foundation level and higher are required to participate in 2 syllabus classes, a pointe class and a Saturday Open Class to be eligible for exam consideration. You may also be required to undertake private lessons leading up to exams at the teachers discretion. The final approval of exam entry is at the decision of your child’s teacher, Head of Ballet and Head of After Hours. You may be required to pay your exam fee, coaching classes and private lessons in advance at the discretion of the Manager.



Private lessons are for exam work/technique/general coaching and is dependent on the teacher’s availability and studio availability. A private lesson is not the same as a solo Lesson. The actual work involved in creating/choreographing a solo is much more extensive and creative than a private lesson and each teacher has different requirements for how they wish to choreograph a piece of work. You are required to speak directly to the teacher prior to commencing your first solo lesson so you understand exactly what is involved and the associated costs. Teachers have no control over the fee structure.

All solo lessons must be maintained by the teacher at a minimum of 15 minutes per week unless under special instruction. Any student hoping to represent the College at an Eisteddfod with a solo is required to attend a minimum of two syllabus classes per week. The College will not pay for any costs involved in a student entering a solo, including costumes. The final approval of a solo being performed at an Eisteddfod is at the teacher’s discretion if the student is ready.

Solo lessons and private lessons may need to be paid weekly or in advance at the discretion of the manager.


By signing your enrolment agreement you understand and agree to the following:

Photographs taken during College activities may be used for the purpose of educating students or promoting The College.  The College could use these in a variety of ways, which might include (but is not limited to): advertising (online and in traditional media), signage, PR, newsletters and publications (print and electronic), social media, websites (ours and 3rd parties), at events and expos, and other promotional avenues. Third parties would be able to view photographs of your children.

The College is able to publish photographs of your child as many times as it requires in ways mentioned above and may be reproduced in colour, or black and white. The College will not use your child’s photograph for any purpose other than for the education of students or for general promotion of the College. Any photographs taken will be kept for no longer than is necessary for the above mentioned purposes and will be stored of and disposed of securely.


Some physical contact may be necessary by a member of the faculty to demonstrate technique or exercise – or if First Aid is to be administered.


In the interest of protecting the safety and privacy of our staff and students, the College does NOT allow any parent or guardian to view classes – this includes watching through studio windows. The only time a parent or guardian is able to view their child’s classes (excluding performance classes) is during Parents Week, which takes place towards the end of each term unless otherwise stated. The taking of photographs/videos during this time is strictly prohibited. The only time the College will permit parents to take photos/videos is during performance events held here at the College such as in-house performances and only if stated that you have permission to do so.


We accept students on the assumption that they are in good health and fitness. It is your responsibility to notify staff of any medical condition/allergy suffered by the student that may prevent him/her from engaging in certain physical exercises or routines. Students are permitted to bring water in the studios. It is our hope that every student has a safe and enjoyable experience here at The McDonald Performing Arts College After Hours Program; therefore we have put in place an Anti-Bullying Policy for our students and staff. We reserve the right to terminate a student’s enrolment without notice if a student is found to be demonstrating inappropriate behaviour.


Verbal abuse, intimidation, discrimination, social media/cyber bullying, harassment, extortion, threats/acts of physical violence (or any other acts of unacceptable behaviour) towards fellow Students, Parents/Guardians, McDonald College employees or employees of venues where the McDonald College concerts are held will not be tolerated. In the event that we terminate your enrolment, fees will still be expected to be paid up until the conclusion of that school term.  For further information on our Anti-Bullying Policy please see the Performing Arts Office.