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Photo: Matthew Syres

Tap dance is a captivating rhythmic art form where a dancer, wearing specially designed shoes featuring heel and toe taps, creates audible beats by skillfully striking the floor or any hard surface. The essence of tap lies in the intricate interplay between movement and sound, transforming the dance floor into a vibrant percussive canvas.

Our popular Open Tap classes, run by one of the original Tap Dogs cast members, Nathan Sheens, are carefully curated to immerse participants in the world of tap, offering a delightful blend of strong technique and a relaxed studio atmosphere, all infused with an element of joyous fun.

These classes serve as a platform for both beginners and seasoned tappers to explore and refine their tap skills. The specialised shoes become an extension of the dancer’s expression, allowing them to convey intricate rhythms and patterns through the artful play of taps against the floor. In our Open Tap sessions, the emphasis is on honing technique and fostering a sense of camaraderie and enjoyment, creating an inclusive space where dancers of all levels can thrive.

We currently offer Open Tap classes for students ages 12 years and older. Please consult the Timetable for the up-to-date class information.

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