Lucy Eaton

Lucy is the owner of Sydney-based contemporary dance company, Dance Dr. Her passions lie within the areas of composition and performance, with the focus is to reinvent dance as an art form at its creative and athletic peak.

The company was created to offer a home for pre-professional dancers and choreographers to create, train and present their work. Since graduating with a Bachelor of Dance Education from ACPE, Lucy has taught HSC Dance for the Distance Education Centre, Dance, Music and Visual Arts in high schools, and currently works as an instructor at Pymble Ladies’ College and as a Specialist Dance Teacher for CAPTIVATE, which involves delivering the HSC Dance course and the VET Certificate 1 in Dance.

In addition to working in studios across Sydney such as Dance Central and Dance@Nikki Webster, Lucy has been involved with both Twisted Element as Rehearsal Director and Dirty Feet as a volunteer performer. Lucy is currently studying a Master of Creative Industries where she is developing an understanding of the evolving role of dance in Sydney’s arts landscape.