Halliday & Isobel Anderson Awards 2019

Congratulations to our students who represented the College at the Joan & Monica Halliday Awards and the Isobel Anderson Awards for 2019. We are very proud of the following results:


RAD Joan & Monica Halliday Award results
  • Ava Micallef was awarded the 100th Birthday Joan Halliday Award
  • Henry Burgess was awarded the overall Bloch Encouragement Award for Grade 3-5
  • Bloch Award: Lucy Cologna for Grade 4
  • Bloch Award: Jemima Atkins for Grade 5
  • Finalists: Henry Burgess, Jemima Atkins, Cooper Elbourn, Charlize Portes-Green, Lucy Cologna & Ava Micallef
    Semi Finalists: Airi Bamba & Veronica Button
  • Well done to Sophie Dang, Abbey Heinecke, Charlotte Heinecke, Charlize Lusseni Leah Choi, Freya Rice-Rickman, Sophia Gerakas, Amelia Hulks & Rae Wang for participating in the Awards. 
Isobel Anderson Award Results
  • 1st Place: Yeonwoo Kim for Advanced Foundation
  • Jordan Micallef was awarded Most Outstanding Dancer, the Isobel Anderson Memorial Award and the Martin Rubinstein Encouragement Award for a male dancer
  • Bloch Award: Charlotte Haithwaite for Intermediate Foundation
  • Bloch Award: Jenna Boschen for Advanced Foundation
  • Finalists: Sienna Micallef, Amelia Russell, Bella Baylis, Madeleine Prieto
  • Semi-Finalists: Sascha Horn & Giselle Cruz