Senior School New Students

All new students to The McDonald College in Senior School (Years 7-12) attend an interview during which the Academic Curriculum and Performing Arts Curriculum are discussed. In attendance at this interview may be the College Principal, Deputy Principal, Director of Performing Arts and/or the College Registrar.

Students and their parents are provided with a Parent & Student Handbook, which outlines the College rules and expectations, lesson times for your child, student support services, pastoral care and student welfare and the correct communications channels to follow with the College.

A Welcome Day is held for students entering Year 7 (usually in November of the year prior to commencement). The day is for both current Year 6 students from the College and for students who will be new to the College. Some assessments will be held on this day in Literacy, Numeracy and Thinking so that students may be appropriately supported for the following year. A Performing Arts showcase is presented followed by an informal gathering and refreshments. The aim of Welcome Day is to ensure a happy and successful transition into Senior School, and for some into a new school, for students and their families.

Each new student to the College is allocated a ‘buddy’ whose role is to provide support, reassurance and informal orientation in the first few weeks of the new school year. Buddies take students to each of their lessons and explain College routines. This support provided to the newcomers has been a tremendous success in the past and is another step in making the transition to a new environment a little easier.

General Information

  • School Day begins at 8.30am. Students are expected to arrive by 8.15am and move directly to their first lesson at 8.30am. Students who arrive to school after 8.30am are required to present themselves to the Front Office to a receive a Late Note before proceeding to their first lesson
  • Most lessons are one hour in duration, although occasionally a lesson may be two hours. The Performing Arts programme is scheduled for approximately two hours each day
  • The student timetable is operated on a fortnightly rotation, creating a Week A and Week B for each student
  • All students are provided with a College Diary to record homework and assessments from all lessons. Teachers use this diary to communicate with parents, therefore it is requested that parents ensure they read the diary each week and confirm this by signing the diary
  • Academic lessons are conducted in the student’s year grouping
  • Performing Arts Lessons are conducted in mixed year groupings. Year 7, 8 & 9 students are combined Performing Arts lessons. These lessons generally take place during Periods 3 & 4 each day. Years 10, 11 & 12 are combined Performing Arts lessons, which take place during Periods 6 & 7 each day
  • In all of its programmes and activities The McDonald College promotes equal opportunities for students regardless of sex, race, political views or religious belief.