Auditioning for The McDonald College

While the history of The McDonald College is steeped in Classical Ballet and Dance, and these are art forms that the College is known for – we also offer all disciplines of Performing Arts, and we also offer Performance Sports – Elite Tennis and Rhythmic Gymnastics.

Students entering Years 5 and above are required to attend an audition.

We sat down with Mr Peter Kraft, Director of Performing Arts, to talk about the audition process at the College.

“Students can expect a friendly and supportive environment to inspire them just to do their best. There’s a list of audition requirements on the college website, so ensure you’re across these well in advance. If auditioning for music or acting, ensure you know your piece well. For any of the dance art forms, warm up beforehand.”

“The audition panel will ask you what you’d like to do with your training after school and why you’re interested in attending The McDonald College. I strongly recommend you speak from the heart; not prepare scripted answers you think the panel wants to hear.”

Mrs Maxine Kohler, the College Principal, says, “We pride ourselves on our inclusive culture and community values. So, while it’s not a formal criterion, we are always interested in meeting students of a similar mindset.”

She added, “Talent is just one part of the equation. Students who show they are willing to work hard academically and take on advice and constructive criticism are already more than halfway there.”

Our preference is for you to audition in person at the College. This gives you the chance to meet your future teachers, participate in workshops, tour the campus, and get a sense of who we are.

We understand that illness or distance might mean families are unable to attend an audition in person. In these cases, you may Audition via Video.

What do we need to do to Audition?

  1. Book a Tour or attend an Open Day / Morning
  2. Complete the Application Form and pay the Application Fee
  3. Read the Audition on Campus Requirements
  4. Attend and ace your Audition

If you are a prospective boarder who is interested in joining our Elite Tennis or Rhythmic Gymnastics program, you should be at a level of performance accepted by our partners Voyager Tennis Academy or Synergy Gymnastics Academy. We can coordinate a trial and a tour at a time that suits you.