Photo: Matthew Syres

Our BYODD Program will allow our College community to acquire, share, evaluate and create digital information; achieve media and technology literacy; maintain a safe and ethical online environment.

As part of this commitment, the College provides wireless access to allow student-owned devices to be used in a classroom setting to support instruction and learning. With classroom teacher approval, students may use their own devices in the classroom to access, interact and save information from the Internet, communicate with other learners and use tools to create assignments/projects or take classroom assessments. 

What is a ‘bring your own designated device’ program? A BYODD program is one where a school ‘designates’ or recommends computer devices for students, in Years 5 to 12, to bring to school to access and use technology in their learning. Some key features of a BYODD program are that students provide their own technology for use in the classroom. More information on the program can be downloaded from the BYODD Information Booklet

Apple offers special iPad and Mac pricing for students attending our College.  This special pricing is available for purchases made:

  • Apple Stores, (to find your local Apple store visit here)
  • Apple Contact Centre  (Call 133-622)
  • Purchases can also be made via our online store, which includes free delivery. Due to maintenance, this online link will be unavailable from 6 – 11 November 2018. 


When purchasing just let the specialist know that you are purchasing for a student at The McDonald College. Finance options are also available for purchases if you are purchasing at an Apple Store or online.

The College has made several decisions regarding our BYODD program:

  • We will be an Apple school
  • Recommended devices are Apple Mac Air and Macbook Pro