Study Success

Photo: Matthew Syres

It is important that we create an environment that encourages best study practice for students at school and home.

This incorporates a range of tools which allows us to manage and track the study plans of every individual student to ensure they are using original thinking, implementing effective study skills, and keeping on top of their studies. 


Study Skills ELES

The College has enrolled every student with the very popular Study Skills program ELES (Enhanced Learning Educational Services). This site provides very practical information on study skills, time management, managing workload, goal setting and managing stress, to name a few.

Teachers use this site in various ways, often setting it as a class activity or assigning particular modules to individual students based on their needs. Parents can also view this site to assist their students at home in developing effective work and study habits.



All students are required to submit assessment tasks using the software Turnitin. It is a text-matching software that checks a student’s written work against electronic texts from the Internet, published works (such as journal articles and books), and assignments previously submitted to Turnitin by other students. 



Individual student results are tracked each semester and this appears in the student’s report. Students/families receive either a Letter of Commendation or Letter of Concern regarding significant improvement or decline in either Effort or Achievement.

This is followed up with a parent/student interview where necessary and other strategies (such as the student being placed on an Improvement Card) are  negotiated to help the student get back on track with their learning. The following table  and graph appear on the Student’s Report in both semesters, Semester 1 and Semester 2.