Learning Enrichment

Photo: Matthew Syres

The College recognises that our academically gifted students have many and varied interests and areas of passion. We recognise that the appropriate understanding and attention to the affective needs of gifted academic students is critical, both to their overall wellbeing and academic success.

Learning Enrichment provides support for students who need extra assistance, particularly in literacy and numeracy, and with their organisational skills. The program may also provide for enrichment opportunities for students across the grades with appropriate skills and application. LE support services include:

  • Administers standardised tests such as The South Australian Spelling Test 
  • Delivers the MULTILIT program to improve student literacy
  • Teaches ESL lessons
  • Provides learning scaffolds for students with identified learning disabilities for classwork, homework, research and assessment tasks
  • Approves and arranges Disability Provisions, such as Readers/Writers, Extra Time, Separate Supervision for students who are eligible
  • Briefs and provides teaching staff with strategies and professional readings 
  • Training and management of teacher-aides and volunteers;
  • Professional development for staff and the College community regarding students with learning disabilities;
  • Management and application of funds allocated for learning difficulties support;
  • Collaboration with a range of other personnel including the College Counsellor, advisory visiting teachers, speech­language pathologist, etc.
  • Consultation with personnel from other relevant agencies