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The McDonald College provides an opportunity for students to receive academic and performance scholarships and awards to foster excellence in performance. The following scholarships are offered annually to current students attending the College.


The Ann McDonald Scholarships

Offered in three categories – Primary, Junior and Senior – across five performing arts disciplines of Classical Ballet, Dance, Music, Acting, and Musical Theatre (Years 6 to 11) also in Sport and Art & Design.


The Roberta Armstrong Scholarship

In honour of a former student who tragically lost her life during 1991, awarded to a student or students of the College who show outstanding talent in classical ballet and music combined with a strong academic record.


The Individual Creative Excellence Award

Recognising a breadth of talent and creative abilities across all areas of education at the College. To be eligible the student must have been a committed McDonald College community member studying in the academic and performing arts program for a minimum of three years and have been fully involved in performances and other College activities.

Recipients of the above scholarships must show their ability to balance their creativity, initiative and technique through performance, exhibition or publication. They must demonstrate their desire to pursue individual goals whilst upholding the College philosophy and setting a good example for fellow students. They will be expected to contribute to the College culture and place College functions, performances and rehearsals above all outside commitments. Recipients will be asked and are expected to represent the College throughout the year at various internal and external events. Scholarships are subject to Terms and Conditions as outlined with individual awardees.


Dux of Stage 3,4,5

The Dux of Year 6, Year 8 and Year 10 are eligible for an academic scholarship based on overall academic achievement and results.  The College uses assessment and examination results, school reports and a variety of other criteria in its decisions regarding the awarding of academic scholarships.  Only open to existing students. Scholarships are subject to Terms and Conditions as outlined with individual awardees.


Entry Scholarships

Entry Scholarships are offered to exceptional applicants and are typically awarded in the format of a partial fee reduction on Tuition Fees, that is the Combined Academic and Performing Arts Fees. All other fees and charges, such as Family Levies, Student Charges and if relevant individual Subject Levies must be paid in full. Please see the Fee Schedule for further information on all matters relating to fees and charges, discounts and levies. Entry Scholarships are subject to Terms and Conditions as outlined with individual awardees.