NSW Police

Photo: Matthew Syres

As part of our ongoing committee to school safety we are fortunate to have the support of NSW Police in the form of a School Liaison and Youth Liaison Officer. These contact details are available to our school community.

School Liaison Police are officers who work with high schools to reduce youth crime, violence and anti-social behaviour through a range of school intervention strategies, educational programs and local relationships which model respect and responsibility

SLPs are responsible for forging and maintaining links with all high schools throughout NSW. These officers develop and present programs in conjunction with teaching staff and act as a central point of contact on police, community and school issues. SLPs may provide information, support and guidance on security, intervention strategies and child protection matters relating to the school as well as other issues relating to safety and community responsibility.


Youth Command South West Metro Region Supervisor
Sergeant Glenn Sadler sadl1gle@police.nsw.gov.au


Burwood: Senior Constable Thomas Melia
02 9797 4004

Campsie: Senior Constable Kylie Marinello
02 9784 9625

Auburn: Senior Constable Phillip Tambasco
02 9646 8692

The NSW Police Force role in the youth justice system is a vital one. Youth Liaison Officers are the administrators of the Young Offenders Act for NSW Police. As part of their duties, they are responsible for delivering cautions and referring children and young people to youth justice conferences.

The Youth Liaison Officer role also involves implementing strategies to reduce juvenile crime including: crime prevention and safety talks at schools, juvenile crime reduction programs; and networking with other agencies. They are the primary point of contact between NSW Police and Juvenile Justice. There is a YLO at each of the 80 Local Area Commands across NSW.


Senior Constable James Bottalico


Burwood Police Station

(02) 9797 4052