Principal’s Welcome

With seemingly endless zoom lessons and meetings, masks on / masks off, vaccination / no vaccination, ‘you’re on mute’, and so much more now all behind us, it is time to reflect on the past 12 months and extract what we have learnt and to celebrate our emergence into December.

I think we all know that there are viruses here to stay, but let’s hope that at the first detection of a rapidly spreading infection from an unknown pathogen, that this be made known globally and regions isolated post haste allowing us to lead ‘normal’ lives again.

I strongly recommend vaccination for our students, and in particular our 5 – 11 year old students who hopefully can receive the jab from 10 January.

We have all learnt different lessons in how to manage challenge, social disruption and economic uncertainty and we celebrated these lessons with our, somewhat curtailed, High Performance Season at the Chatswood Concourse Theatres. I applaud our performance staff and our students for preparing this performance with such a short and uncertain lead time. I smiled from curtain up to curtain down for both Starburst and Secondary Showcase. To have our students back on the stage after such a long hiatus is food for the soul and I congratulate and thank our performers, staff, and the supportive audiences.

The Graduation Ball for Year 12 and Year 6 was held at Doltone House on Sunday, December 5. Students, parents, and staff danced the night away amidst the beautiful backdrop of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. A wonderful night was had by all.

Thank you to the staff leaving us this year. I wish them every success and happiness in their journeys beyond The McDonald College:

  • Michael Farrell (Deputy Principal)
  • Louise Willems (D & T and Careers Teacher)
  • Kaye Lopez (Drama Teacher)
  • Jessie Rawlinson (English, ESL and SIP Teacher)
  • Gavina Lovicu (Counsellor)
  • Charles Tripolone (Term 3 and 4 Science Teacher)

I recommend you look into the following opportunities for students over the coming weeks:

Back to Ballet Workshop18 – 21 January
School Holiday Tennis Camp20 – 23 December; and 4 – 27 January
ATYP Drama Workshops4 – 21 January
Rhythmic Gymnastics Workshop4 – 6 January; 10 – 13 January; and 17 – 20 January
English National Ballet School Auditions (at the College)13 February


I look forward to the year in front of us with great anticipation of ‘normality’ and in the meantime I wish our community a very Merry Christmas, a happy and safe holiday, and the celebration of many family reunions.


Maxine Kohler