NAIDOC Week is celebrated every year during the first full week in July. This year’s theme was Because of Her, We Can and celebrates the crucial role Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women play at community, state and national levels.


As the official NAIDOC week landed in our college’s school holidays, the Junior sSchool celebrated the week early Term 3. To learn about NAIDOC week the classes were divided into two teams. Within those teams each pair was given different themed questions to answer. The themes given where about significant contributions made by Aboriginal women, significant Aboriginal sports women, the history of NAIDOC week and Aboriginal culture. Information was placed around the room and the students had a set amount of time to read the information and find the answers to their questions. When the time was up the teams came back together to play a game of jeopardy. The game was based on the information that they had just discovered.

After completing the activities students were asked to write down some things that they had learnt, and some topics they would like to explore further.

Some things the students discovered:

  • That there are so many indigenous languages and indigenous countries
  • The Torres Strait Islander flag
  • The meaning of the colours on the Aboriginal flag
  • The amazing things some aboriginal women have done
  • The meaning of the acronym NAIDOC
  • Aboriginal culture

Things they wanted to explore further:

  • Cathy Freeman and her sport
  • Aboriginal art
  • Where the Torres Strait Islander people come from
  • Evonne Goolagong
  • Pat O’Shane
  • Everything about flags
  • The Aboriginal languages
  • Who still speaks the Aboriginal languages
  • Learn more about Brooke Boney
  • Aboriginal countries
  • NAIDOC history