Congratulations to our 2021 Ann McDonald Scholars

Primary Section

  • Acting (Primary) – Mia Honeysett (1st), Jeffrey Dimi (Runner-up)
  • Classical Ballet (Primary) – Grace Thomas (1st), Allegra Ariola (Runner-up)
  • Dance (Primary) – Violet Soo (1st), Allegra Ariola (Runner-up forfeit), not awarded
  • Music (Primary) – Bradley Sherer (1st), Madison-Rose Koniseti (Runner-up)

Junior Section

  • Acting (Junior) – Charlie Peek (1st), Thomas Cristovao (Runner-up)
  • Classical Ballet (Junior) – Olivia Wilkinson (1st), Henry Burgess (Runner-up)
  • Dance (Junior) – Holly Robinson (1st), Cienna DeLuca (Runner-up)
  • Music (Vocal – Junior) – Allegra Dunning (1st), Jensen Mazza (Runner-up)
  • Music (Instrumental – Junior) – Didier Oros (1st), Alice Sun (Runner-up)
  • Musical Theatre (Junior) – Sophie Goodwin (1st)
Senior Section
  • Acting (Senior) – Keanu Awad (1st), Nick Annas (Runner-up)
  • Classical Ballet (Senior) – Amelia Russell (1st), Livinia Whitelaw (Runner-up)
  • Dance (Senior) – Safia Nassar (1st), Isabella Tate (Runner-up)
  • Music (Vocal – Senior) – Edana Bauers (1st), Genevieve Cesarano (Runner-up)
  • Music (Instrumental – Senior) – Anna Kim (1st), Junyoung Jeong (Runner-up)
  • Musical Theatre (Senior) – Lily Kennedy-Head (1st), Jamie Rogers (Runner-up)

Other Awards

  • Art and Design – Jett England and Annie Wu (eq.)

Overall Winners

  • Overall, Junior Ann McDonald Scholar – Allegra Dunning
  • Overall Senior Ann McDonald Scholar – Anna Kim