Hollie McKay

For over thirteen years, Australian-born journalist Hollie McKay has been an investigative and international affairs/war reporter for Fox News Digital, with a specialised focus on warfare, terrorism, and crimes against humanity. Hollie has worked on the frontlines of several major war zones and covered humanitarian and diplomatic crises in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Iran, Turkey, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Burma, Russia, Africa and Latin America, and other areas.

Her globally-spanned coverage, in the form of thousands of print articles and essays, has included exclusive and detailed interviews with numerous captured terrorists, as well as high-ranking government, military, and intelligence officials and leaders from all sides.

She has spent considerable time embedded with US and foreign troops, conducted extensive interviews with survivors of torture, sex slavery and forced child jihadist training recruits, refugees, and internally-displaced people to communicate the complexities of such catastrophes and war crimes on local populations.

Hollie’s columns have additionally been featured in the Wall Street Journal and her writings referenced in innumerable mainstream publications and academic journals, and she has additionally won numerous foreign press and humanitarian awards.

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“I am always more interested in the human side of conflict rather than tactics and techniques. The soldier who brings you tea and bread and pillows. The one who shows you photos of their child and then asks what will become of their future. The one who plays classical music before the incoming. The camaraderie that exists.”