The Sounds of Nature

Wednesday night saw a vast range of talent on display as our Junior School Music students put on another amazing show.

The Sounds of Nature saw every student in the Junior Music Stream perform on stage. Whether it was a vocal or instrumental performance, an ensemble or a solo act – all our students’ talents were on show.

“These showcases give every Junior School student an opportunity to participate,” said Mrs Jacqui Sherer, Junior School Music teacher and Production Coordinator. “This includes our Elite Tennis students who would not ordinarily have the opportunity to get involved due to their training schedule.”

A very receptive audience enjoyed choir performances of well-known classics such as What a wonderful world and Whole world in our hands, in addition to instrumental performances such as Shake a tailfeather and an all-time favourite for many, Welcome to the Jungle.

“It is always rewarding to me to see our youngest 5 year old students lost in the moment of performance up to our Year 6 students who show how their talents are being honed and the performer within, emerging with confidence and joy.” said Principal Maxine Kohler.

Congratulations to the entire Junior School Stream for your outstanding delivery, a clear result of your efforts. Thank you to Peter Eirth and Zachary Austin for your technical production. Many thanks to everyone else who pitched in and assisted behind the scenes and of course Mrs Jacqui Sherer.

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