Science news

In Science, our vision is to see every student discover the wonders of our world and the universe and realise the importance and impact of science in their everyday lives.

This term our Year 10 students undertook classes in Physics, Chemistry and Biology so that they can make informed choices when choosing their subjects for Year 11 and 12.

In Physics, we experienced a hands-on physics laboratory. Our students gained first-hand knowledge of speed, acceleration and Newton’s laws while enjoying the thrills and excitement of fairground rides at Luna Park.

Biology helps us understand the living world and we have been studying the advances in biotechnology, its impact on the quality of life for many people as well as the ethics of using these technologies. As part of the program, the students extracted DNA from strawberries and learnt aseptic techniques while cloning cauliflower.

The importance of Chemistry and how it is essential for our modern lifestyle saw students enjoying many demonstrations and experiments, while learning about chemical reactions. The rainbow flame demonstration (pictured) shows the colours of the elements and how they are used for fireworks.