When homelessness is not a choice

The last two nights reminded us all of what truly matters most in our latest production “Follow Me Home”.

Our Year  8 and 9  Acting Stream students delivered a heartwarming rendition of Lewis Treston’s production, taking us on a spiralling journey, exploring many different stories of humans facing homelessness.

Everyone needs a home. A sanctuary you can call your own, a place you can return to every day, and a sense of belonging. It is fundamental – to our physical and mental wellbeing. And it provides the foundation for us to participate in society as a partner, family member, friend or worker.

We consider ourselves fortunate compared to the circumstances of others. The College has a rigorous approach to the investment in outreach programs, most recently The Lillian Howell project,” said Mrs Maxine Kohler, Principal. “This approach has certainly shaped the thinking of our students so that performances like these can be delivered with great empathy.

Congratulations to Director Mr Daniel Ball (ATYP) and the entire Year  8 and 9 Acting Stream who put in hours of work to deliver a stellar performance. Thank you as always to Peter Eirth for his Technical Production. Many thanks to everyone else who pitched in and assisted behind the scenes.

The production might be over but the reality remains, so please take the opportunity when you can to reflect on this crucial message about our need for connectedness.

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