“In a world ruled by the dead, you are forced to finally start living.”

The last two nights couldn’t have gotten any darker or colder for our latest production “Fight With All Your Might The Zombies of Tonight”.

Our Year 7 – 9 Acting Stream students delivered a haunting rendition of this zombie apocalypse by Matthew Whittet.

Everyone was acting weird. They were all starting to sound alike, look alike and and doing strange things – meeting up after school to drink their decaf-mocha-latte-soy-frappucinos. The protagonist (played by Arie Trajcevski) knew what was happening. They were all turning into zombies. There were moments of horror and humour, and moments that made you question everything you believe.

The students worked so hard to bring this incredible world to life – navigating everything from bad weather to challenging characters to the ever-present obstacle of Covid-19,” said Mr Alexander Lee-Rekers, Production Coordinator. “The show was nothing short of spectacular, and a strong reminder that stories of the psyche will always bring us together.”

Every day at the College we are gifted with opportunities to tell stories, to reflect on life’s lessons and sometimes even deliver cautionary tales. The reward is in the journey and the learning that comes from it, and it shows our students are learning fast, because their performances just get better and better.

Congratulations to Mr Alexander Lee-Rekers and the entire Year 7 – 9 Acting Stream who put in hours of work to nail the performances and bring a very complex premise to life on stage. Thank you as always to Peter Eirth for his Technical Production, and setting an eerie scene of a zombie apocalypse. Many thanks to everyone else who pitched in and assisted behind the scenes.

The apocalypse might be over but the fun is just beginning with a formidable lineup of performances at the College for Term 2.

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