Returning in Term 3 I A Message from the Principal

To our student and family community, I hope you have all found time to share together with your family over the past three weeks, albeit a little different to the winter vacations of the past.

As our families prepare for the return to school on Monday 20 July it is prudent to remember that it is normal for children and young people to show signs of distress during major incidents such as the coronavirus pandemic we all find ourselves in. Their common reactions can include fear and anxiety, anger and frustration, confusion and sadness, denial and more. 

Talk to your children in a calm and factual way about how they are feeling and ease their concerns and correct any misinformation they may have. Talk about how social distancing is an important way they can help slow the spread of the virus and protect those most at risk.

Find ways to keep the whole family healthy – both mind and body.

  • Share a walk, a run or a bike ride outside as a family
  • Do physical workouts together – many can be found online
  • Watch TV shows together
  • Take a virtual tour of a museum or walk through Kakadu National Park


It is more important than ever that we all stay safe and look out for each other. One of the most important actions to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID is to ensure that any unwell students remain at home. This could be frustrating for students who suffer allergies and as such are not classed as being ill. Regardless, please do not send your children to school with any sign of illness, no matter how minor.

As the main risk of transmission of the virus in the school environment is between adults, it is important that visitors to the school grounds are limited to those delivering or supporting essential school operations. Accordingly, as was the case in Term 2, parents and carers are asked to not enter the school grounds beyond the car park. If for some reason you need to enter the school, please do so through Markham Foyer where your needs will be attended to.

The enhanced hygiene measures put in place during Term 2 will continue in Term 3. Please remind your children of the importance of regular hand hygiene, particularly on arrival at school (hand washing in the Art Room for Secondary students and in the Junior School for Junior students), before and after eating, after blowing their nose, coughing, sneezing or using the toilet. Hand washing with soap and water is preferable but hand sanitiser stations are available throughout the school.

Students must remember that all greetings with each other must be non-contact greetings. Staff or students who have visited any of the venues on the identified dates, (see the link below) should not attend school until they have completed their isolation period.

  • Visit the Health website  to identify the venues where there has been a confirmed NSW case and the dates of potential contagion
  • Staff and/or students/families should follow Health advice to self-isolate and be tested if they visited any of the venues on the specified days
  • If staff and/or students have visited a venue listed on the Health website they should inform the person undertaking the test re the venue and date of their visit as this will help manage the outbreak
  • Adhere to Health advice regarding self- isolation and provide family members with the relevant information re isolation if advised by Health


Given the current risk of COVID in Victoria, it is expected that any staff or students who have visited Victoria should exclude themselves from attending school until 14 days have elapsed since they have left Victoria and they are free of any symptoms. Stay safe and we look forward to welcoming the students back on Monday.



Maxine Kohler