Anti-Bullying with Shaun Parker Company

A big thanks to the team at Shaun Parker & Company for including us in their Behind the Scenes video for The Yard. Their recent performances struck a chord with our students and we hope that many Australian schools get to experience their work.

The Yard is an award-winning anti-bullying program that was created to address the issues of bullying, social exclusion and peer pressure in Australian schools. The performances are aimed to inspire and motivate students about their choices. After taking part in The Yard program:

  • 91% of children said they would not bully someone
  • 81% of children felt more resilient against bullying
  • 85% learnt how to help those being bullied


Shaun Parker & Company is an exciting and bold dance theatre company led by award-winning Artistic Director and Choreographer, Shaun Parker. You can donate by 18 May 2018 to ensure that more schools get to see this groundbreaking work. 


The Yard : Anti-bullying program.