International Summer School | January 2018

International Summer School 2018 kicked off a fantastic two-week program earlier this month. We welcomed many new faces to the teaching faculty, including Cathy Marston, Robert LaFosse and Laura Graham.

We also welcomed new courses youth.ballet, which allowed pre-professional students to experience the international teachings of William Forsythe and Alexandar Ekman, along with, which was an introduction to choreographic principals by ‘Choreographer in Residence’, Cathy Marston (HamletThe Elephant ManWuthering Heights).

Students were also allowed to explore their creativity through a variety of new offerings, including an in-house Digital Stage, Selfie Studio, and music and art classes. Moving into 2019, ISS will continue to run as an independent summer school initiative, which places creativity at the heart of its programming, allowing students to experience the teachings of international arts community outside of Australia. 

A big thank you to Cathy Marston, Robert LaFosse, Nina Botkay, Laura Graham, Paul Boyd, Jane Devine, Adam Blanch, Charlie Anderson, Shannon Ryan, Danika Martin, Lindsay Ellman-Brown, Tamara Kohler, Carmonn French and Terry Kohler for your time, care, expertise and creativity. We look forward to #ISS2019!