HSC Practical Nominations

Congratulations to our senior students who have received nominations for Callback, ENCORE and OnSTAGE, which is for high achievements across Dance, Music and Drama in 2017. 

Callback is a selection of outstanding performances and projects from Higher School Certificate dance students. 

  • Alycia Trainor (Core Composition, Core Performance, Major Study Performance)
  • Madeleine King (Core Performance)
  • Remy Rochester (Core Performance, Major Study Performance)
  • Charles Slater (Major Study Performance)


ENCORE is a selection of performances and compositions from Higher School Certificate Music students. Congratulations to the following students on their nominations:

  • Omri Aruch
  • Soo Hyun Nha
  • Tonny Shim
  • Jonah Singer
  • Harry Tompsett


OnSTAGE comprises of two programs of outstanding Drama performances from 2017 HSC. Congratulations to the following nominees:

Individual Performance (2 Unit Drama)

Kayla-Rose De Sousa – The Last Days of Judas Iscariot

Group Performance

  • Kayla-Rose De Sousa
  • Charles Slater
  • Leilani Speller-Kearnan
  • Gabriella Torta