Congratulations to our Year 9 students on their latest NAPLAN results. Late last year, Mike Baird and NSW Education Minister Adrian Piccoli  announced that Year 9 students will now have to meet minimum standards of literacy and numeracy to attain a Higher School Certificate in 2020. These minimum standards will be determined by the NAPLAN tests that are held in May each year. To be eligible for an HSC in 2020, our current Year 9 students had to achieve a minimum of Band 8 in 3 tests: Reading, Writing and Numeracy.

We’re proud to announce that 63% of our Year 9 students have achieved a Band 8 or higher in all three tests and thus automatically qualify for the HSC. This is a wonderful achievement by our students compared to the state average of 32%. We are also proud to announce that 80% of Year 9 students scored a Band 8 or higher in theNumeracy test and 67% of students scored a Band 8 or higher in the Reading and Writing tests.

The below table shows our overall results: