Ali Marcy

Ali Marcy is a driven and enthusiastic young dance teacher with over 16 years of dance and performing experience, as well as over 5 years of teaching experience.

Ali started her dance training at age 4 and by age 15, had successfully secured a place in the Australian International Ballet Academy (AIBA) at The McDonald College in Sydney. In 2012, she graduated from AIBA and The McDonald College with a distinction and performed for the Premier State Ballet Youth Company, later also becoming a finalist in the FATD South Pacific Dance Championships.

After graduating, Ali secured dance course placements from Brent Street Academy, The Village Performing Arts and Ev & Bow Dance Training Centre.  Under the guidance of acclaimed Ev & Bow choreographer Sarah Boulter, she gained her Certificate IV in Dance & Performance. Her qualifications include RAD Ballet Distinction to Advanced 1 Level, ADA Jazz and Tap with Honours and Distinctions, contemporary, lyrical, hip hop and body conditioning elements and 10 years experience in Musical Theatre and as a vocalist. Ali currently teaches Preschool Ballet classes at The McDonald College After Hours Program and assists in teaching the Grade 2 and 3 RAD classical ballet syllabus.