Senior School

Our Senior School programme is specifically geared towards helping students prepare for their futures beyond the Higher School Certificate. The McDonald College provides students with a welcoming environment where learning and performing are encouraged and expected.

We accomplish this through our immersive approach of Performing Arts within academic education. The legacy of our student success stands as a testament to our approach and our beliefs. We strongly feel that the achievements of our graduates over the last thirty years stands as an excellent reminder of the success of our approach and the effectiveness of our philosophies.


Serving the Educational Needs of Our Students

Once students transition into senior years, their Performing Arts timetable is structured to focus on one key performance area to allow them to build industry-ready skills. Our unique timetabling allows students to balance their academic studies and perform at a high level in their examinations whilst undertaking their performing arts tuition each day.

Smaller class sizes then allow our senior students to interact more directly with their teachers so that we are more equipped to understand their needs and abilities on a personalised level. 


Launching Bright Futures

Collaborative learning is emphasised, as collaboration is a key aspect in the futures of our students, regardless of what career paths they may choose. A wide range of teaching methods are utilised to help students develop both their collaborative learning skills and their creativity. After graduation and throughout life they will need all of these skills in order to prepare for themselves as leaders in their chosen fields. 

Ample performance opportunities means that every student learns how to interact with an audience, articulate their views and think laterally on their feet. Further, students learn powerful communication skills, such as how to persuade, entertain, influence and debate. These lifelong skills translate to a myriad of different and diverse career paths.