Senior School Curriculum

The academic programme for Years 7 – 12 is compliant with NESA (NSW Education Standards Authority) requirements. The College provides a differentiated curriculum to meet the needs of all students by offering innovative and flexible programmes, which allow students to reach their full potential.

Senior students participate in two hours of Performing Arts training per day, which is structured around their academic timetable. More information on subject breakdown can be found in our Prospectus. Please contact our Registrar if you would like to receive a copy. 

The McDonald College Performing Arts programme offers:


To get the most out of the courses students must nominate one of these disciplines as their core area of study to which they can devote all of their Performing Arts hours. Alternatively, in addition to nominating a Core Area of Study, students may vary their timetable by choosing an Elective to broaden their experience.

An elective can be chosen from any of the performing arts classes scheduled on ‘elective day’, which is Tuesday. The elective class is taken in place of the core area of study on this day, hence the total performing arts hours undertaken is unchanged. Other variations to a student’s Performing Arts timetable may be negotiated in exceptional circumstances. A student’s Performing Arts course nomination is made in advance for one full year.