These years are of critical importance for all young people.  These are the years where a smooth transition to Senior School is simply a must. 

We strongly encourage every  student at The McDonald College to learn and embrace adolescent education to the best of his or her ability.  In the process, each student achieves his or her full potential.  Creating a positive, safe and inclusive learning environment is truly the backbone of our school. 

Students feel free to be  themselves and express their ideas throughout their school day in academic and Performing Arts lessons.  The McDonald College values quality at all levels, as well as innovation and creativity.  Our goal is to give our studnets the best learning opportunities possible.  We do so in an environment where everyone can shine.


A Constant Emphasis on Creativity

Our students are creative and have a drive to perform and achieve.  As a result, the Performing Arts are a key aspect of our curriculum integrated throughout each school day. Students perform every day.  Creativity and thinking laterally is the norm at The McDonald College.  The curriculum is structured so that the Board of Studies syllabus is enhanced by allowing students to creatively respond through a variety of mediums. It is not unusual for students to submit an English assessment supported with a song, a short film or visual design. We allow students to express their creativity and explore the curriculum in ways that emphasise depth and meaning.  The freedom to respond creatively is highly motivating for creative students.

We strongly believe that the benefits of our intimate school setting, dedicated teachers and interactive learning environments, help The McDonald College stand out as an excellent fit for all of our students.  The social benefits of attending a Performing Arts school are immense and simply cannot be overlooked.