Exploring drama and acting in plays is vital to the development of communication skills and enables a growth in confidence within our students. By participating in a comprehensive Acting programme, students develop life skills to assist memory development, problem solving, working in groups, self-directed learning, respect for others and an ability to speak in public forums. The rewards of collaboration are also promoted and realised.


Objectives of the Acting Programme

The objectives of the Acting programme include providing students with an experience of the craft an Actor employs. The course allows them an opportunity to develop an individual expression and garner essential life skills. The expectations of the entertainment industry are also instilled, should students decide to pursue a professional career in acting or a related area.

The intention of the programme is to provide students with exposure to the fundamental and essential stagecraft necessary for an actor. The course realises this through a study in four primary focus areas: Voice & Movement, Screen, Repertoire and Production. These subjects are studied at Intermediate and Senior levels in the Secondary school.

Screen Acting covers a range of areas including ‘acting for camera’, ‘film-making’, ‘presentation of self’, ‘navigating scripts’ and ‘an appreciation of the language of screen’. Students have the opportunity to enter work in the McFest Film Competition conducted during Term 4.


Acting Programme For Secondary School

Secondary students complete two production outcomes each year. One experience is a performance of their semester’s study focus and the other is participation in a staged production of a play. Playbuilt drama and working with established texts are covered throughout the year.


Acting Programme For Junior School

Infants and Primary Drama students follow the Board of Studies requirements in addition to experiences in play-building and scripted drama.

Students expressing an interest in other elements of theatre are encouraged and have their talents fostered in technical, costume and design areas of production.

It is intended that on completion of the course in year 12, a graduate is in a position to then benefit from further training at a tertiary level, having an understanding of the self-discipline and preparation this level of study requires. It is anticipated that the course will prepare them appropriately to audition for potential study at tertiary training institutions such as N.I.D.A, V.C.A. & W.A.A.P.A. Graduates have also made keen use of their Acting skills in fields as diverse as teaching, journalism, real estate and law.

The Acting course is not intended to be a complete vocational preparation. Acting is a craft that should be developed with ongoing practice, harnessing the life experiences of the individual. The glory of Acting is that it is a life-long activity for the practitioner. Students at the College begin a journey of discovery which will engage, excite and challenge them for as long as they wish to Act.

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