Our Unique Performing Arts Programme

The McDonald College is Australia’s leading school with a core culture of Performing Arts. We actively promote an underpinning philosophy of balance between our students Academic and Performing Arts pursuits in a uniquely creative environment.
Our students participate in an extensive Performing Arts programme within their school day and it is this programme that makes The McDonald College truly unique in Australia. Additional classes are also offered during after school hours to both College students as well as the broader community.The Performing Arts programme is integrated with a rigorous academic programme culminating in the NSW Higher School Certificate. Our highly experienced and dedicated staff members are passionate and skilled in nurturing our students' potential.

Primary School Performing Arts Programme

Primary students from Years 3 to Year 6 take may specialise in either Acting or Classical Dance with electives in Jazz Dance or Sport. Musically in Years 3 and 4 all students will learn a string instrument (Violin or Cello), with students in Years 5 and 6 students studying either an orchestral instrument of their choice or electing to study Musical Theatre in lieu of an instrument.

Year 6 students have access to an expanded elective program from the Secondary school as The McDonald College bridges the gap between Primary and Secondary schooling making the transition between Years 6 and 7 easier.

Secondary School Performing Arts Programme

From Year 7 students choose to specialise in Acting, Classical Ballet, Dance, Music, Musical Theatre or Technical Production. One prescribed day per week is designated as an elective day for most streams where the students may choose to study a Performing Arts subject offered in another discipline.
The McDonald College is the only school in Australia to offer specialist studies is Classical Ballet and Musical Theatre at both primary and secondary school level. Nowhere else will students be able to undertake study these areas whilst completing their mandated academic programme.

In addition to our unique Performing Arts programme, students in Years 11 and 12 may choose 2 Unit Drama, 2 Unit Dance, 2 Unit Music 1, Music 2 and Music Extension (when offered) as part of their HSC studies whilst continuing their daily training in their chosen stream.

The McDonald College supports our students in their desire to pursue a career of their choice. We passionately believe that all students should have the opportunity to succeed both academically and in performance with our balanced and broad curriculum maintaining flexible career pathways for the futures of all our students.

We believe that an education rich in Performing Arts enhances the learning of all students. Students who participate in Performing Arts tend become life-long learners, are more creative and more confident with a strong self-esteem.

Our unique and challenging curriculum in performance offered as an integrated part of the school day combined with some of Australia’s most outstanding Performing Arts teachers and practitioners make The McDonald College the perfect choice for your child’s future education.

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