Please read this policy carefully before filling in the enrolment form below. If applying for more than one course you will need to fill in more than one form.


  • The Principal and Head of Music of The McDonald College review fees annually. •
  • Instructors will invoice parents directly at the first lesson of each term and fees are payable in advance within the first 2 weeks.
  • If fees are not received within 14 days, lessons will cease, •
  • Fees are non refundable. •
  • Fees are to be invoiced per term (in accordance with the Academic school year of the College). •
  • No discounts are applicable. •
  • Fee rates are advertised at the commencement of the school year.


  • Lessons are 30, 45 or 60 minutes, as determined by the instructor, parent or student. •
  • In the event of student illness, instructors are to be notified directly.
  • The instructor will endeavour to make this lesson uo but is under no obligation to do so. •
  • In the event of instructor illness, the College will endeavour to notify students via the daily notices or Music Noticeboard. A notice will also be placed on the door of the instructor's room. •
  • Instructors must be notified I week in advance if a student will be unable to attend a lesson because of an excursion, exam etc. If notification is given, instructors will endeavour to make this lesson up but are under no obligation to do so. •
  • Students are expected to study their instrument for the duration of the term. If lessons are terminated before the end of the term, no fees will be refunded. •
  • One terms notice in writing, or fees in lieu, must be given if tuition is to be terminated. A signed parental letter must be directed to the Head of Music. •
  • Students learning through the Private Music Program are expected to support the College's musical activities and performances. •
  • Students are required to bring a notebook to each lesson so the teacher can record homework and communicate with parents, • Each student enrolled for private music lessons will find a card denoting the date/time of the lesson in their student diary which must be completed each lesson. •
  • Upon receipt of the enrolment form the Private Music Instructor will give students their lesson day and time as soon as possible.


  • Senior student (years I I & 12) lessons must be timetabled during free time or Performing Arts times after consultation with their teacher. Lessons will not be scheduled during academic class time. •
  • Infants,' primary and junior student lessons may be timetabled throughout the day, but must rotate during the academic times to avoid missing the same class each week. •
  • It is the student's responsibility to ensure they are informed of lesson times that may need to rotate. The Instructor is not required to make up or refund any lessons missed or forgotten. •
  • If a student does not attend their lesson and is not absent from school, the Instructor will report their absence to the Head of Music. •
  • It is the student's responsibility to catch up any schoolwork missed whilst at a music lesson.


It is expected that students studying Music as part of the Private Music Program will be seriously committed to a disciplined daily practice schedule so as to gain maximum benefit from these lessons.


  • Private music lessons are scheduled during class time, rotating through different periods each week to minimise the impact on lessons.
  • Private music teachers will enter the date and time for the next lesson in the table provided in the student's diary.
  • For students to be excused from class to attend a private music lesson they are required to show the classroom teacher their diary with the lesson time entered in it and signed by the music teacher.
  • If the music teacher has not filled in the table a student will NOT be permitted to leave class for a music lesson.
  • If a student is not able to show their diary (with the lesson time entered in it) to their class teacher the student will NOT be permitted to leave their class.

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