Dear Mrs Kohler, Teachers and Staff of the MacDonald College,

We write to thank you for your stewardship and care for our son Samuel Allen over the last three years of his
High School education.

As you know Sam made the NSW Premier's High Achiever's list for 2013, getting a score of over 90% in ten
units, and was honoured, in a lovely assembly, as Dux of his year.

As Sam said in his speech at the Award Assembly, he was not always the best of students. Though everyone
could see his potential, it was at The McDonald College where that potential became actual.

The McDonald College gave Sam the opportunity, the challenge, the support and the resources to become
his best self. His experience there has set him on a pathway to focus, love of learning and self-realisation
throughout his lifetime and we thank the wonderful teachers and administration of the College for creating
an environment where such a unique and creative young person could reach for the highest levels of
achievement and succeed.

Best wishes
Karen Pearlman and Richard James Allen

"We are of course absolutely delighted that our daughter has got such good results in her HSC.  An essential factor has been the outstanding teaching and support she has received at school. 

I wonder if you might pass on our gratitude to the staff. The McDonald College has been wonderful for her in so many ways: giving our daughter a chance to expand and explore her acting, whilst at the same time providing an excellent academic education.  She has also loved working with the other students and the staff – that hive of creativity was tremendous fun!  She has gained so much from the teachers: encouragement, wisdom, support, friendship, surrogate-parenting, praise, setting high standards, ‘tough love’ when necessary and confidence boosting. The extraordinarily generous-spirited culture of the school which seems to permeate through all the staff is, we feel, quite remarkable. It supports students and allows them to truly ‘be themselves’ and release their creative potential.

We can’t imagine a better place for her to have spent those critical years."

- 2011 HSC Parent


. . . . . . . . . . . . .


"As a mother of two sons who are both academically gifted and passionate about performing arts, the key was to find a school that was able to accommodate their needs whilst providing a nurturing environment in guiding them through their school years to become independent and responsible adults.  We’ve now found that school and both boys will be the first to tell you that they 'finally belong'!"

Mrs. D. Tompsett

Parent 2010


. . . . . . . . . . . . .


"It is a privilege to be able to send my son to such a unique school, where academia is so beautifully balanced with performing arts.

Starting with Preparatory School in 2006, there has not been one single day where my son has not bounced through The McDonald College school gates with a big, happy smile. In fact, the most difficult part of the day is trying to get him out of the school grounds!!!

Although it's a 1-1.5 hour trip to get to school each day, we would travel even further to make sure my son receives, what I believe, is the best education for equipping him with life skills, confidence and success, both personally and professionally, now and  for later adult years."


Dr N. Mishchuk

Parent 2010

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