Term 1

Monday 23rd January           – Exec Planning Day

Tuesday 24th  January          – Staff PD Day

Monday 25th January            – Staff PD Day

Thursday 26th January          – Australia Day Public Holiday

Friday 27th January           – All Students commence

Friday 7th April                  – End of Term 1


Friday 14th April                     – Good Friday

Monday 17th April                  – Easter Monday


Term 2

Monday 24th April               – All students commence

Tuesday 25th April                  – ANZAC Day

Monday 12th June                   – Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday

Friday 23rd June                  – End of Term 2


Term 3

Monday 17th July                 – All students commence

Friday 22nd September     – End of Term 3


Term 4

Monday 2nd October           – Labour Day Public Holiday

Monday 9th October          – All students commence

Wed 6th December             – End of Term 4



Term 1                                                                
Friday               26th January     – Australia Day Public Holiday
Monday           29th January    – All Students commence
Friday               30th March        – Good Friday
Monday            2nd April            – Easter Monday
Friday              13th April         – End of Term 1
Term 2
Wednesday      25th April           – ANZAC Day
Monday           30th April         – Term 2 commences
Monday            11th June          – Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday
Friday              29th June         – End of Term 2
Term 3
Monday           23rd July          – Term 3 commences
Friday              28th Sept          – End of Term 3 



Term 4
Monday           15th October    – Term 4 commences
Wednesday     5th Dec             – End of Term 4


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