Our philosophy is for our students to excel academically whilst pursuing their passion for performance.

At The McDonald College, we fully understand that a passion for performance means that children are creative and think laterally. We harness and develop this trait for our students as they strive for excellence academically.  This is exactly what we’ve been doing for the past thirty years.  We strongly believe that our legacy of successful students stands as a testament to both our approach and our philosophy.

It is our intention that all students have the opportunity to discover and develop their talents within a supportive school environment.  The vitality, diversity and creativity that we can offer through our educational programmes will help foster true Australian and world citizens.


The McDonald College Values

We embrace creative expression in a non-judgemental and inclusive environment.  At The McDonald College, we are proud to embrace the following core values:  Humility, Honor, Passion, Commitment, Appreciation and to demonstrate these in all our endeavours

Everyone at The McDonald College firmly believes that the powerful seeds of creativity live in all of us.  The McDonald College students have the opportunity to allow their imaginations to flourish through the joy of performance. We recognize that students who have been nourished through creative experiences are better able to build their confidence and self-esteem.  All of these points serve to highlight the importance of thinking laterally.  For it is those who can rely upon their imaginations that will be tomorrow’s leaders and make the future a special place.


We Celebrate your Child’s Creative Abilities

There are real and tangible social advantages for students in a Performing Arts School. By its very nature, this is a nurturing environment for students.  Students are happier and build deep reservoirs of confidence and self-esteem.  Additionally, the performance opportunities and programme means that every student is supported to address and interact with the audience.  In this way, they learn powerful communication skills, such as how to persuade, entertain and influence.  These skills are applicable to a myriad of diverse careers.

The end result is an environment that feels more like family.  This process creates an ideal learning environment in which student are with like-minded peers. There are opportunities for interaction with same age peers in academic classes but also with younger and older students in performance ensembles. Strong bonds are forged with fellow students in an exciting learning environment where peer support is high and there is an abundance of interaction with supportive peers.  In this type of environment, students are encouraged and challenged to give their best, reach their potential and to achieve.

Quality Education

We are a specialist school for creative children.

Our firm belief is that the Performing Arts raises both academic achievement and fosters the development of exceptional students and people.  Every student is supported, included and encouraged to develop, achieve and perform.

Your child’s time spent at The McDonald College is one where he or she will be surrounded by challenging and engaging artistic opportunities.

It is our history that has shown that only The McDonald College has been able to simultaneously achieve a high level academic education and solid Performing Arts training for our students.  Continuing this unique immersive approach students today enjoy on average ten hours or more a week in dedicated Performing Arts tuition. Further, they are surrounded by like minded students, teachers and industry specialists who all share a passion to perform and gain new opportunities. 

We facilitate your child’s passion for performance into a passion for learning. This is achieved through harnessing creativity and working with it to help our students strive for and achieve academic excellence.

The McDonald College has the facilities and exceptional staff necessary to help creative young people reach both their academic and Performing Arts potential.  It is important to note that we are the only school with thirty years of experience in delivering this unique curriculum, and it is from this place of experience that everything we do radiates. 

We are a specialist school that is equipped with the skills, the tools, the facilities, the passionate teachers and the right environment necessary to truly integrate academic learning with Performing Arts training.

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